Proper storage of perishable goods is essential for most companies and households. Failure to regulate the temperatures of such goods can reduce their potency, resulting in losses of the goods due to out-of-range temperatures. This amounts to loss of large amounts of revenue for the companies.
Mechro Limited’s Temperature Monitoring System for Cold Chain Management eliminates this problem by providing accurate information from monitoring temperature conditions. The Cold Chain is a temperature-controlled environment used to maintain and transport goods in optimal conditions inside your property. Here property can be anything from rooms where you keep the goods i.e. fixed assets, and mobile assets such as transportation vehicles en route. Goods can be any temperature-sensitive products such as fish, milk, transfusion blood and vaccines. It begins with the cold storage unit at the manufacturing plant and extends through transport of the goods to the distributors or consumers. The cold chain ends when the goods are purchased and used by the consumer.
TempCras’ internet-based system has extended the temperature monitoring deal to monitor even server rooms since they too need optimal temperatures.

The Benefits of Using TempCras include the following:

  • - Continuous temperature monitoring more closely than standard thermometers
  • - A replacement of most analog thermometers such as alcohol and mercury thermometers
  • - Simplifies the reading records by removing false alarms
  • - Notifies staff members of out-of-range temperature situations
  • - Portable and easy to use equipment with renewable power source
  • - Ease of data analysis by using different types of charts and indicators
  • - Ease of reporting: both triggered and automatic reports
  • - Universal access: can be accessed on the web, SMS, and using the TempCras app
  • - The system can be tuned to your specific needs depending on your definition of optimal temperature range
  • - Available 24/7 since it is cloud-based

    - saving your money through innovative tech

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