Fuel Level Monitoring

Mechro Limited’s Fuel Level Monitor is an innovative wireless cloud based tank level monitoring and alerting system which has been developed for the measurement of diesel, oil, water, kerosene, lubricants and chemical tanks. Just like the other Mechro brands, such as TempCras , this applies both to fixed assets like filling stations and mobile assets such as vehicles. The level sensors can be installed on any tank, anywhere no matter how remote. With our sensors you will always know exactly what is happening with your tank levels via your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.


Fuel Level Monitor sensor uses ultrasonic pulses to measure the levels and temperatures across your tank population. A built in modem sends this information to a secure data center via a cellular network. This data then flows into your personal online dashboard, which shows your business’ tank levels and usage in a simple format. Then this can be accessed on any internet-enabled device such as tablet, smartphone or computer through the dashboard or email. For those that prefer SMS alerts, you get a similar treat. These reports can be daily, weekly, monthly, annual and customized reports.

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